Thursday, June 24, 2010


we has some sunny times and was soo pretty
Bill fishing

our campsite

Ethel lake

my biggest fish

bill driving the boat

Buster and Kyia camping

sunset from our campsite

the warf from our campsite

our camper

Well i've been here since Oct 20 2009 and have settled in nicely. went back to Hope and emptied my place out and the kids are fixing it up. one wall was jsut about totaly gone. darn bugs. but they replaced it and now is good. still more to do but it will take time. I an working at the hotel now till fall when i might move back to the store, not sure yet.

We have been camping and it was great, went to Frenchmans first for 2 nites. the pictures posted above are from frenchmans. June 2010

then we went to Ethel lake with Leo and Lia for 2 nites. went out in Leo's boat and caught some fish.was kinda cold but fun. had a great fish feast for dinner that Leo made. mmmm
Thoses are posted above also.
tanisha will be here in 1 1/2 weeks.. how time has passed. We plan on camping with her also and we got her her own fishing rod etc and will get her a fishing license as she needs one but it is free.
Everyday it seems like im camping. The air is clear and we live in the forest. tis beautiful.


  1. Looks so nice. We must get up there camping some summer.