Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sept 27

Sigh.. worked at fields today. was nice.. home and talked to Bill. he has my comput er room ready.. the rooms are too small to put the computers together... he bought Wolverine and is waiting till i get there so we can watch it together.. :) that will be awsome watching movies with someone again.. November we will get Enterprise yay.. packed more today and went through more things.. got more recycling and put it out for pick up tomorrow.. slowly getting stuff figured out... what to take and what to leave.. have 9 totes/boxes done and most of my clothes is packed, some canned food etc, have a few things to get last min like tv etc... lap top will go with me in front of van so i can use it as i go. i will have my camera with me too and will download pic's all the way up... 3 days of driving.. thats a long way.. but the scenery will be amazing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

friday sept 25th

hope wasp's are dead... and yes they are yay do not like killing stuff but.... and duerest stops to the flash of the sun on car doors i got a nasty migraine.. so Soraya sent me home and yah its is a good one lol..did more inside. cleaned out the kitched drawers.. did a bit on the shed but neighbours are right.. just leave it and the park can have their fun... i guess we will see what happens... in the mean time ill work on the inside.. tomorrow back to work.. then only 12 days... yay figure that ill load the van on 1 lvl stacking and then when i stop i can put my blankets ontop and sleep.. prob not too much but. ill try..

thruday sept 24th

well today got quite a bit done... and was working on shed when i got stung again... by a wasp..grrr tonite they are gone!!! took stuf to recycle place and cleaned van.
kinda wish this wait was over.. but it will come soon enough.. want good weather for the trip...
and i will at least be there before daylight savings time changes... thats nov 1st... whew
got more boxes and cleaned out a couple of more totes and am cleaning out the cats travel cage..

have 14 more work days at bottle depot :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ok removed the comment so will fix it here
dogs do not like the van too slippery so need to get a carpet.. and buster had to jsut about be lifted into the van to come home.. but it runs well and i got a nice smelling cleaner to make the van nicer.. i guess ill have to figure out how to tie my stuff in the back of the van, maby a good bungie not sure but will figure it out.. so next is to get the extra oil etc i have and need to travel with into the van. still supposed to take down the shed but have no idea how to... ggrrrr lol oh well.. ill figure it out... enough for today.. relax and jsut be happy that im finished my job at the bottle depot on Oct 14th..yay.... and ill be leaving oct 16... and should arrive in carmacks for my hug Oct 19th..

Monday, September 21, 2009

my trip to carmacks and Bill L(

sigh getting ready is the toughest part... getting the Van, insurance, packing... lots to do first... but it will be worth it... sigh tired now will sleep.. lol seems i add more as a comment sigh getting used to this ill do it differently next time :)