Thursday, September 24, 2009

friday sept 25th

hope wasp's are dead... and yes they are yay do not like killing stuff but.... and duerest stops to the flash of the sun on car doors i got a nasty migraine.. so Soraya sent me home and yah its is a good one lol..did more inside. cleaned out the kitched drawers.. did a bit on the shed but neighbours are right.. just leave it and the park can have their fun... i guess we will see what happens... in the mean time ill work on the inside.. tomorrow back to work.. then only 12 days... yay figure that ill load the van on 1 lvl stacking and then when i stop i can put my blankets ontop and sleep.. prob not too much but. ill try..


  1. Definatly good thing for web cams. We have them here and ready to use!

  2. jsut have to set them up when i getthere yay