Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sept 27

Sigh.. worked at fields today. was nice.. home and talked to Bill. he has my comput er room ready.. the rooms are too small to put the computers together... he bought Wolverine and is waiting till i get there so we can watch it together.. :) that will be awsome watching movies with someone again.. November we will get Enterprise yay.. packed more today and went through more things.. got more recycling and put it out for pick up tomorrow.. slowly getting stuff figured out... what to take and what to leave.. have 9 totes/boxes done and most of my clothes is packed, some canned food etc, have a few things to get last min like tv etc... lap top will go with me in front of van so i can use it as i go. i will have my camera with me too and will download pic's all the way up... 3 days of driving.. thats a long way.. but the scenery will be amazing.


  1. Is there a video rental shop in Carmacks?

  2. movies? yes at the carmacks store i think