Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ok removed the comment so will fix it here
dogs do not like the van too slippery so need to get a carpet.. and buster had to jsut about be lifted into the van to come home.. but it runs well and i got a nice smelling cleaner to make the van nicer.. i guess ill have to figure out how to tie my stuff in the back of the van, maby a good bungie not sure but will figure it out.. so next is to get the extra oil etc i have and need to travel with into the van. still supposed to take down the shed but have no idea how to... ggrrrr lol oh well.. ill figure it out... enough for today.. relax and jsut be happy that im finished my job at the bottle depot on Oct 14th..yay.... and ill be leaving oct 16... and should arrive in carmacks for my hug Oct 19th..

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