Thursday, October 1, 2009

9 more work days...

Nick , the park manager came over and looked at the shed and will come back tomorrow to chain saw it down. One less thing to worry about. packed a bunch more today.
got gas yesterday and it cost 70.oo and i already had just under half a tank. thats quite expensive.. wow...
Was looking at he way there. i can take 1 of 2 different routes. one has mtns and the other is alot thinking the flater way might be better, altitude and less hills. so less chance of snow and maby save a bit on gas. if u want to look at the routes go to the web cams are helpfull also thats what im using and they have weather reports on eash camera place too. i'll have the web page on my lap top so i can see whats happening as i go.
I don't work tomorrow and tahts a bother. i need the money for a buffer till i get my next pay cheque, Hope there are no more, I only have 8 days of work left and I need as many of them as I can. And here all the time i wanted days off, but when i need them, she gives them to me, un asked. Oh well I'll try to let her know that i need the last few days.
I ws jsut talking to Bill and he said if she's going to pull that then jsut come up a bit earlier. After thanksgiving day come up. So will see waht she does.... she actually should have told Jerrod to not come in tomorrow. He lives at home and is the summer help. oh well
tomorrow will tell

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