Saturday, October 31, 2009

needed password ug

well its been a long tiime since i did this, i could not remember my password and jsut never realy tried to get it again.
i have been here 2 days less than 2 weeks. Not long at all but sorta seems like quite a while.
getting to know the village and where everything is. Its beautifyul here. kinda wild and rustic.
talk about frountier land. village is tiny, mainly a gas stop along the way to somewhere else, like Dawson city and alaska etc. The animals have gotten used to each other but we have no introduced the big dogs to each other yet. soon though. cats have finally pretty much stoped hissing at each other.. good as for Bill and I, its getting better all the time. have to remember we only realy met 3 times but have been talking for over a year. He is who he is. no pretence's at all. can't remember what last post was but was probly before the van broke down.
That was kinda icky. I started having trouble at alice pass, with the oil lite coming on and the engine ticking at times. got more oil and in fort nelson i got some stuff that was realy think and would give the engine more life. worked for a while but i kept coming around corners and there were elk and big horn sheep and of course i had to stop for them as honking would not make them move. They were after the salt on the road. and then the lite stayed off but was getting more ticking. Stoped at Rocky mtn lodge and called Bill and told him that he would have to come and get me. That the Van was ticking and would not make it. I told him i would try and get to next phone but if i didn't call him, please come and get me..:) as the van would be dead. The cell phone didn't work here a=either.. rockys and all lol. Well i made it to the horsprings and it was closed and no phone so i went on trying to make it to Watson Lk. HaH!!! the van died 5 k's from there. ug.. let it rest for a bit and tried to start it and it turned over and then went.. clunk clunk bang... lol. i got out and looked and there was oil coming from the sides of the engine etc. so i blew the heads etc.. van was offically dead. i flaged down some ppl and asked the fella to please call Bill when he got to Watson Lk and tit was ok to call collect. He would have taken me and the dogs with them but i could not leave all my stuff... so they left after making sure i had food and water. as long as it was lite out it was ok. when it got dark then it got scarie.. i was in the middle of no where.. litterly.. 206 k's from watson lk and many hours from Bill. i had no idea if the ppl had gotten ahold of Bill and i knew Bill was on his way but how tired was he and what were the roads like nad how long till he got to me. I happened to have my book on my mp3 player so i listened to it and it realy helped me get through the hours.. i got gave the message to the ppl at 2:30 and bill got there at 12 :30. 10 hrs it took for him to get to me. I was never so glad to see anyone in my life. and he was releaved that i was ok too. what he thought of was getting to me as i was out there on my own..and i didn't like being out there on my own.. :). gave him a big hug when he got there and we sat in his truck for a bit to warm up when started loading my stuff into his truck. the cats in their kennel went tion the back seat with my plants and the blankets on the back seat for the dogs.. all my totes and boxes finally fit in the truck and we tarped it and away we went... bill was soo tired but wanted to get to watson lk at least... 206 k's away ..... well we made it and it jsut started snowing when we got there.. we had a bit to eat and then parked and slept for a couple of hours. Not enough but all we could manage.. had sorta breakfast and left watson lk. ug the road jsut out of town was a sheet of ice.. u could have skated on it, no problem.. we fish tailed a few times down a small hill and Bill got it under comtroll and pulled over to the shoulder and got out to see how slippery it was , and wow...bad.. we drove along the side many miles. There were trucks all along the hwy stoped cause could not go up or down the hills. The worst Bill has ever seen it. We drove like that for a long time not going over 30 k ever.. usually less. as the road allowed. finally about half way to whitehorse the roads got better, sanding etc helped alot of course. We stoped in Whitehorse for food and much needed coffee for Bill. got supper for home cause had no intention of cooking.. and we left for Carmacks. This made Bill feel better as he knows the road well and knew taht it was only 2 hrs to home. My poor cats had not been out of teh kennel at all in the 4 days and the dogs had had some out time but were mainly in a small place in the front of my van and in a small space in the back of the truck.
roads were good and we made good time home. got here at 6:00 monday the 19th of oct. sigh was soo happy to be here. we let my dogs out while we unpacked the cab of the truck then put them back in and unloaded the back. my puter room was a great spot to put it all. nicely out of the way. Dogs were then let in house and checked the p[lace out and then we let his dogs out and they all got along great. cats were on my puter room and finally out of the kennel. there was a bit of snow on the ground here and i had seen pic's of it all but it was not the same as seeing it on my own. Its very wild and rustic and beautiful. i love it here and it will be a great life for us.

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