Friday, October 9, 2009

Well its been a few days since i last did this. Have been working at Fields(where the value is) lol.. becomes a habit.. so it is helping alot with the lack of work from the bottle depot. but am glad im away from there.. I work there tomorrow(saturday) and then at fawns place Sun and mon.
work fields tues and wed and have a great dinner with my co workers wed nite. will be weird, been there 13 years.. but moving onward. is good.. was talking to Bill on his lunch break and he knows that i will do well up there. i will be able to handle the weather and the area and is glad as he lost his common law wife due to the area. that will not happen to me. He got a turkey today for our christmas dinner :) and he is talking about the trips we can take together. Yay.
anyways back on the progress of packing.. ug.. i think i've gone through jsut about everything i can. alot of recycling and other stuff going to the second hand store. i know ill leave without something ppl always do. but it will be here.. jsut have to make sure its not any pets lol.
If on the trip i can't get any wifi ill tell bill where i am and he will write on my wall so all can see where i'm at.
there is not much more i can pack. am taking stuff to Fawns. stuff that is hers and other stuff that i can't take, like stuff from my freezer and fridge.
its getting clsoe now.less that a week... :)

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