Saturday, October 3, 2009

well fish and guinea pigs are gone. there is soo much i will not be able to take with me. Kinda sucks. but nothing i can do. on the 15th ill pack the van and get all i can into it and then do a good look around here to see what i missed taht i realy need.. the n sleep on my bed for the last time.. goina miss my bed taht i've used(waterbed) for 35 years... its all good though. i have packed quite alot of stuff and tossed out alot also. still soo much stuff... have only 2 vouchers for the dump and those will be used for the shed, but will try to get my inside stuff into the truck also.looks empty without the tank. light is still on lol, jsut got all the distances and times between the towns so i know what i might be able to make and humm maby not:) i think the only thing that might slow me down is having to stop for bathroom breaks..but i have pg, fort st john, fort nelson, watson lake, whitehorse and carmacks as stop places... except kamloops for gas. they are all on web cams too sept the ones in the yukon. i might even find some of those. im getting excited that its getting close... the waiting is tough..

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