Saturday, October 31, 2009

settling in

Well its been near 2 weeks here and its gotten better. i know my way around to most palces and bill has shown me some of his fav spots to relax, the views that he has shown me are awsome. I have settled in and my puter room is squared away and the pets have there pillows and blankies to lie on. We tried to set up my tv but the satalite will not let us run a splitter and use the 2 tv's so till spring and we get a new sat dish with the 4 coaxal attachments on it, we will jsut make do for now.. its colder here of course but i do not mind it at all. We went shopping in Whitehorse for fppd etc and I got winter boots and a realy nice winter jacket. fleece lined and down filled. warm.. :) we do the main part of our shopping in Whitehorse as the store here is too expensive for alot of shopping. so its a whole day to do that. 2 hrs there and 2 back.. so we shop and eat and take our time. I have feen the phesents and played with the 2 outside dogs, Sasha and Spirit, and had to find the escape spots of Dell, on of the little dogs, she is an escape artist and not always easy to get back in the yard.. she's funny. Kyia is not fond of the snow unless we are walking and she can run. Buster does not care of course but when it gets colder, will be a different story.
As for Bill and I. Its going great. Nice to have someone in my life again to share with. and he is sweet and funny. we are going to have a good life and there is lots to do when it gets nice out, like camping, fishing and when he gets the snow moblie fixed. we can go out on that. will be fun.
Have met alot of his friends and they all say pretty much the same thing, "have heard alot about you." lol bill has told everyone ablut me coming up to be with him. His best friend invited us over for dinner. was great him and his wife own a b & b that is realy nice and we had a great roast beef dinner with potatoes etc yummmm. they are realy nice. well still have more time to settle in and will be looking for a job in a bit unless my ui kicks in.. lol am liking the time off to be honest. am being the homemaker.. and its kinda fun for a change. anyways. enough for now.. maby add more later after i've been here a while.

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