Monday, November 16, 2009


the cool thing about the Yukon is the distance u can see from jsut about anywhere. Have to excuse the crack in the windshield. Most cars etc have them from the sanding of the roads, but the view is great. U can see for miles but its not flat.

So life here is geting to be normal. no job yet but thats ok. Ill get on someday or my ui will soon as fields gets me my ROE. head office can be slow. Oh well one of these days ill go to the mail box and it will be there.It still seems a bit sureal that im here, it seemed to take so long to get packed and to get here and now... i've been here jsut about 1 month. hard to believe.

we fixed the christmas lites outside yesterday and he is pluging the village truck in at nite time now. as its -22. Have the mail to check today so tahts my outting lol maby see if g i joe is in too lol

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