Thursday, November 5, 2009

settling in more

Hummm Maby i should change the name of this from trip to Carmacks to here at last lol.. cause not doing that ever again. when i go to get the last of my stuff im flying and shipping my stuff back here and flying back. No more 4 day driving trips for me. Bill and i might drive places in the summer but we will be able to take turnes which is much better. and will have a human to talk to unlike my trip here with only buster and Kyia to talk to. not so good :) My computer room is all done now. Just need some shelves up to put stuff on and i have a shelf to put in the living room somday also. I'm trying not to think of all the work i have to do at the old place. UG there is alot that can go to the kids or get sold in a yard sale and what does not get sold or taken can go to the second hand store and she can deal with it.. tired already lol.
Bill came home for lunch and i have a video of him playing with Buster. He realy likes buster..
they had a good time as u can see lol had to rescue the hat finally.. :)

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